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The key to success in Post 16 Education is to ensure that students select a package of courses which they enjoy and which are appropriate for their ability.  Through the analysis of national and school data we have developed our entry criteria to try and ensure that all students embark on courses which enable them to succeed and achieve their aspirations.

It is of course important to consider future career pathways when considering post 16 education.  Many students will consider higher education and it is advisable to browse the UCAS website for information and guidance.

The Sixth Form Open Evening is being held on Wednesday, 15 November 2017 at 5.30pm - 8.00pm.

Prospectus' will be available during the evening.

There will be presentations in the Lower School Hall at 6.00pm and 7.00pm.

Entry requirements for pathways and specific courses

Entry requirements to The Broxbourne School Sixth Form (Year 12) are based on both the average KS4 grades achieved in the summer of Year 11 and specific grades gained in subjects relevant to those that they wish to pursue in the Sixth Form.

Table 1

                            Sixth Form Pathways at The Broxbourne School


Average KS4 grades required for entry

Curriculum Pathways

Sixth Form Course

Length Of Course

Future choices

Gained at least five 9 - 5 (A* - C) grades including grade 5 in English and maths with specific entry grades for chosen course. See table 2.

Pathway 1

3  A-levels

2 years

University, training or employment



Pathway 2

3 post 16 courses including at least 1 BTEC National course

2 years

University, training or employment

Achieve an Attainment 8 score of at least 75.


Pathway 3

4 A-levels

2 years

University, training or employment

N.B.  In addition all students will be able to take the Extended Project Qualification (EPQ).

We do not recommend taking pathway 3.  This is because university offers are based on 3 A-levels and it is likely that, in most cases, studying 4 A-levels may impact negatively on grades compared with studying just 3 A-levels.  Students wishing to pursue Pathway 3 must have a clear rationale for doing so, for instance a gifted mathematician may wish to take further maths as a fourth A-level.  It should be noted that, if a subject is dropped before completion of the 2 year course, students will not be able to gain any qualification in that subject.

Table 2

Entry grades for specific courses

Sixth Form Course

Course Specific Entry Grade (from KS4)



Art and Design



6 (triple science Biology GCSE), 7-7 Combined Science

Business Studies



6 (triple science Chemistry GCSE), 7-7 Combined Science




B in Business Studies (if studied).

If Business Studies was not studied then GCSE Grade 6 or above in both Maths and English Language.

English Literature

6 in English Language and English Literature

Film Studies

B in film studies / 6 in English Language or English Literature (at least a 5 in the other)



Further Mathematics (can only be taken in Pathway 3)















6 (art or photography)

Physical Education

6 or BTEC Merit in Sport


7 (triple science Physics GCSE) and 7 in Maths, 7-7 Combined Science and 7 in Maths


6 (triple science Biology GCSE), 7-7 Combined Science

Religious Studies



6 in English Language, English Literature, history, RE or geography



BTEC National Awards


Business Studies

C (Merit in BTEC First Award)

Applied Science

5-5 in Combined Science



Specific information on individual courses is available in the Sixth Form Prospectus.

- Sixth Form Prospectus

- Headteacher's Letter

- Application form for Internal applicants

- Application form for External applicants