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Year 10 students put their mathematical skills to the test.


Four Year 10 students, Melissa Robbins, Daniella Massri, Nadia Atwal and William Mottram,  took part in the regional final of the Year 10 team challenge organised by the Further Maths Support Programme (FMSP). 

The event was hosted by Mount Grace School in Potters Bar, where nineteen schools gathered to compete.  They were tested on their mathematical abilities and also on their ability to think laterally.

An example question is ‘My children’s ages are in the ratio 4:5:6.  In 6 years’ time they will be in the ratio 6:7:8. How old are they now?’.  Another round required each team to build a stack of cubes from a set of instructions.

Teacher of Mathematics, Mr Blanchard said “All of our students enjoyed the day and thought that by bringing this form of competition to a wider audience might help more students to learn and appreciate mathematics.” 


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