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Students cast their votes

The school organised a mock election on Friday 1st and Tuesday 5th May.  

Students in Year 7 - 10 were shown videos of the main parties running for election, discussed their policies and the possible outcome of the General Election.  They were then given the opportunity to vote at various times throughout the school day. 

Sixth form students participated in a debate on 29th April with representatives from the five main parties - Benjamin Butterworth (Labour), Russell Secker (Greens); Michael Green (Liberal Democrat); David Platt (UKIP) and Andrew Knight (Conservative) and enjoyed putting their questions to the candidates on education, immigration, money, the environment and many other topical issues. 

All students were enthusiastic about the chance to vote and they cast their votes in special booths set up in the school’s reception.  A quick poll of students from each year group revealed how important they believe voting to be:

Evie Copeland-Monehan from Year 7 said “It’s important to vote because you need to have your say in an election and express your opinion.”
D’Moniere Dennis from Year 8 said “I think everyone should vote because the economy is based around your thoughts.  It’s okay not to vote, but then you miss the opportunity of being heard.”
Ricky Georgiou from Year 9 said “I think young people don’t vote because they don’t know what politicians do.  I’ll definitely vote when I’m older because the school has helped me understand the voting system.  Democracy is important because without it we could be at risk from a power-mad dictator.”
Jack Miller from Year 10 said “Voting is vital because it’s the only way of gathering everyone’s opinions.”
Headteacher, Ms Humphreys, said: “Pupils have been able to discuss the importance of democracy, how elections work, and the various policies from the different parties.  They have greatly enjoyed the opportunity to vote in the mock election”.