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100% success rate celebrated in LAMDA examinations


100% Success Rate Celebrated in Drama Examinations

The Drama Department has been offering LAMDA Speech and Drama tuition to pupils since September and the students took their first examinations this term.  It’s the first cohort to be entered and they were delighted with a 100% success rate.  Mr Young (Head of Drama) said “Bravo to all who passed!”

The LAMDA system of graded exams follows the same pattern as for musical instrument examinations, and at the higher levels they contribute to UCAS points when applying for University.

GRADE 4 in Acting:

Awarded to Ridley Thomas, Charlotte Bunten, Lucie Aldrich, Jodie Ferdenzi, Ella Andrea, Lucia Banks, Emma Jeeves and Lauren Francis (all in Year 10).

GRADE 5 in Acting:

Awarded to Marcus Agnell, Luke Beisiegal, Grace Droniuk, Melissa Lucas-Cooke, Erin Brady, Emily Bunten, Mairi Pearce and Sarah Pearce (all in Year 10).

GRADE 6 in Speaking of Verse and Prose:

Taylor Rothwell in Year 10