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Austen House wins the Maths Challenge 2015

Austen are crowned the mathematical champions in a close-run competition


At the end of term, 64 students from Year 7 and Year 8 took part in the House Maths Challenge.  Each house put forward four teams of four (two from Year 7 and two from Year 8).

Austen won the challenge, closely followed by Bronte who came second by a narrow margin of 3 points.  To add to the excitement there were also prizes for the top three teams regardless of the house they represent.

The challenge consisted of three rounds:

Round 1 :             where the team worked together to answer a number of mathematical problems

Round 2 :             a cross-number problem with a twist (the team split in two and one pair got only the down clues and the other pair the across clues).

Round 3:              the final round known as the ‘relay’.  In this round pairs had to relay the questions around the hall as well as trying to answer questions.

Mr Blanchard (Mathematics teacher) said it was a fun day, and he thanked the students who took part.  He added,  “Thank you to our A-Level Maths students - we couldn’t have put on the challenge without their help.”