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Human Trafficking Production

Powerful performance raises awareness

The whole of Year 11 and a selection of Year 10 pupils, recently had the pleasure of welcoming the well-established Rah Rah Theatre Company to The Broxbourne School. Pupils experienced a powerful theatrical interpretation of the degradations of human trafficking through an intimate performance.


Courtesy of Rah Rah Theatre Company

Designed to raise awareness of the issue that is currently at the forefront of the news, My Mind is Free, was both emotionally engaging and thought provoking. Funded by the Arts Council England, the Rah Rah Theatre Company produced the play with playwright Sam Hall, to initiate discussion about the injustice of human trafficking within the UK.

Courtesy of Rah Rah Theatre Company

Prior to the production pupils increased their awareness of human trafficking with various form time activities. Following the production, director Jude Spooner discussed the role of the charity Hope for Justice and was available for pupils to ask any questions.

A Year 11 pupil was quoted as saying: “the play was incredible, each individual story was so moving; I was aware of the concept of human trafficking before the play but was saddened to see what some people really experience’.


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