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Charity cake sale a real success

Money raised for Carers in Hertfordshire

A number of Year 12 pupils started their quest to turn £100 into £1,000 or more as part of the Dragons' Apprentice Challenge. The challenge is new competition designed for 6th form Business Studies students in Hertfordshire. The aim is to successfully organise events in an attempt to raise the most money for their chosen charity and win the competition.


Jessica Williams, Charlotte Bolton, Isobel Clough, Ellie Hawkins, Beth Papworth and Natasha Salter, recently organised their first charity event, aiming to raise money for Carers in Hertfordshire. The charity focuses on recognising and valuing un-paid carers in Hertfordshire. They aim to ensure that all carers in Hertfordshire are informed and supported in their caring role; have an opportunity for a life outside caring; can exercise a collective voice; and can be involved in consultation and planning to ensure high quality support services for themselves and the people they care for. 


The girls’ got their fund raising efforts off to a great start with a cake sale, also selling wristbands and pins to promote the charity. The team made a sales revenue of £338, and a total profit of £263, which the charity are very pleased with!

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Further information about the charity can be access via