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Auschwitz - A reflection by Year 12 Student Olivia Jermy

"Auschwitz 1 was a very difficult experience for me.  

It is hard to explain the unexplainable. There was no good reason why the Nazis would put anyone through that. How could human beings do that to one another?

One of the hardest moments was in the room full of human hair; it is such a difficult situation to describe. You just have a huge pressure on your chest as you hold back tears and think about the millions who had their identity stripped from them. The fact that the Nazis used this hair for profit is just inhumane and shows that they didn't care for humanity - each victim was just another face they would soon forget.

Another hard moment was when I saw the baby clothes as I could never imagine anyone would strip someone so young of their life, taking away their opportunity to experience some of the wonderful things in the world. As everyone walked past we all seemed to take a moment to appreciate the lives of those lost and remained silent as we tried to take in the whole atmosphere.

The Gas Chamber was definitely one room I will never forget. It had a heavy atmosphere that clung to you even after leaving. Standing in the place where so many died felt wrong and it is hard to put into words the exact feeling as it is something so surreal and so different to anything I have experienced.

This is an experience I will hold with me for my whole life. It was an opportunity that not many people get so to have been able to go to Auschwitz I feel privileged and now hold more appreciation of that dark time. I will be able to keep the memory of the victims alive which will enable me to counter anyone who says that the Holocaust didn't happen and it will allow me to make sure that this event is never repeated. As George Santayana said; "Those who do not remember the past are condemned to repeat it"."