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Netball Tour

Cyprus 2016

Twenty-nine pupils from Year 9 and Year 10 recently enjoyed a netball tour to Cyprus. The 6 day tour involved a number of netball matches against local opposition. Teams 1 and 2 played adult club sides, while Teams 3 and 4 played local schools. Despite the extremely hot weather conditions, all four teams played some excellent netball.

In addition to a packed week of netball fixtures the pupils took part in a number of other activities including a day at the water park, bowling, shopping, karaoke, quiz and a fancy dress presentation evening.

A number of different awards were distributed at the presentation evening including best fancy dress outfit (Courtney Munsen) and bowling winner (Andriana Robinson). A player of the tour was awarded to the outstanding player from each team; this prize was awarded to Ellie Godsave, Alara Norton, Aprille Collins and Paige Bond, who all played superbly in the matches they were involved in. In addition, ‘best tourist’ was awarded to Andriana Robinson who not only performed well in all the netball matches but was really good fun throughout the tour.

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Netball results:

Team 1

Ellie Godsave, Emily Carter, Heidi Bishop, Gaby Byrne, Annalie Wood
Andriana Robinson, Eleanor Turpin, Abby Clark

Broxbourne 15 – 9 Episkopi Ladies

Player of the match – Abby Clark

Broxbourne 17 – 13 Dekellia Ladies

Player of the match – Annalie Wood

Broxbourne 24 – 0 LOGOS

Player of the match – Emily Carter

Team 2

Lilly Luffman, Charlotte Keys, Anabel Ashman, Charlotte Bunten
Millie Edwards, Alara Norton, Emma Howard

Broxbourne 5 – 14 Episkopi Ladies

Player of the match – Charlotte Bunten

Broxbourne 19 – 14 Dekellia Ladies

Player of the match –Anabel Ashman

Broxbourne 27 – 1 LOGOS

Player of the match – Lottie Keys

Team 3

Janaya Best, Caitlin Jack, Aprille Collins, Courtney Cable
Lucy Aldrich, Sophie Bechtel, Lauren Francis

Broxbourne 9 – 2 King Richard School

Player of the match – Courtney Cable

Broxbourne 10 – 9 Foleys School

Player of the match –Sophie Bechtel

Team 4

Hannah Walsh, Courtney Munsen, Janelle Baffa, Morgan Barton
Danielle Zondo, Paige Bond, Shannon Raas

Broxbourne 13 – 2 King Richard School

Player of the match – Morgan Barton

Broxbourne 9 – 11 Foley School

Player of the match –Danielle Zondo