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Year 7 Mob Race 2016

First house event of the year

Pupils in Year 7 participated in the first house event of the academic year; 212 pupils put on their house colours and completed the annual mob race. Robert Montgonery was very impressive, confidently winning the race wearing the colours of Austen. Georgie Wood was first Year 7 girl home, finishing fourth out of all competitors.

Well done to Ryan Dean (2nd) and Harry Giroud (3rd); Neeve Bishop (2nd) and Amber Williams (3rd) who also took home medals. Further congratulations to all pupils who took part.

Individual boys

1st Robert Montgonery (Austen)
2nd Ryan Dean (Austen)
3rd Harry Giroud (Bronte)

Individual girls
1st Georgie Wood (Milton)
2nd Neeve Bishop (Bronte)
3rd Amber Williams (Milton)

Overall Results

Overall boys
1st Milton 806pts
2nd Chaucer 939 pts
3rd Bronte 994pts
4th Austen 1091pts

Overall girls
1st Austen 963pts
2nd Chaucer 1000pts
3rd Milton 1354pts
4th Bronte 1411pts

Combined boys and girls
1st Chaucer 1939pts
2nd Austen 2054pts
3rd Milton 2160pts
4th Bronte 2405pts