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Rotary Technology Tournament

Building an electric car

The Broxbourne School competed in the Rotary Technology Tournament at the Spotlight in Hoddesdon, today, 20th of June 2017. The tournament involved building an electric car that had the ability to push a load of debris a set distance. The task was made even more complex by the limited resources made available to each of the teams.  The completed car design had to fit through a tunnel section before it even started moving the debris.  The task proved to be quite challenging. Each design team was required to complete a portfolio of work, outlining the Planning, Design Analysis, Design Development and Solution. The team was also judged on construction skills and the success at the testing stage. The team’s final outcome was tested and proved to be a great success; it worked straight away, moved the load and then reversed to the starting line again.  The tournament judges were very impressed. It is worth noting that the final result also depended on the work ethic and group work displayed throughout the day, which was monitored by a number of judges.

The Broxbourne School was represented by Michael Gavartin, James Kettle, Giacomo Misuraca and Ethan Woodier. Each member of the team worked extremely hard and they were all organised from the very start of the day. The pupils displayed an amazing ability to work as a group and created a fantastic portfolio displaying the work.