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Broxbourne School students have achieved a record 38 points per entry (equivalent to almost a B grade (40 points).

116 students succeeded at A-level in 23 different A-level subjects with a 100% pass rate. Over a third of all 365 entries were A*/ A grades and almost 70% were A*-B grades.

Students with outstanding results and a clean sweep of A*/ A grades were:

  • Hannah Booth

  • Ellis Chivers

  • Marsha Clark

  • Isabella Davies

  • Canan Djouma

  • Enzo Giardina

  • Mehmet Hazirci

  • Charly Lane

  • Emily Millward

  • Marissa Petrou

  • Charlotte Quant

  • Nicholas Root

  • Sam Sheridan

  • Rebecca Stoklund-Lee

  • Nicholad Trew

  • Holly Walker

  • Ben Weald

  • Jessica Williams

Paula Humphreys, Headteacher said, “I would like to congratulate all our students. We are delighted with these excellent results which will enable many of our students to embark on competitive courses at top universities. These results are the outcome of hard work, great support from parents and outstanding teaching.”


Rebecca Stoklund-Lee obtained an A* grade in Biology and A grades in Geography and Religious Studies. Rebecca had the following to say: “I am really happy, delighted with my results! I am going to be reading Psychology at Newham College, at Cambridge University.”

Charlotte Quant achieved outstanding grades with A* grades in Mathematics, Further Mathematics, History and Physics and an A grade in Religious studies. Charlotte said “I can’t wait to start university now. I am really looking forward to starting my course. I am going to be reading Maths and Philosophy at Bristol University.”


Hannah Booth obtained A* grades in Mathematics and Chemistry and an A grade in Biology. Hannah said, “I feel ecstatic – really couldn’t be happier! I am going to be reading Medicine at Nottingham University.”

Nick Root obtained A* grades in both Biology and Chemistry and an A grade in Mathematics. In his own words, “I feel relieved to have got to my first choice university! I am looking forward to reading Medical Sciences at Leeds.”