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MUN at Richard Hale

Remember, remember the 4th of November, MUN, debate and plot!

Last Saturday, Team Broxbourne attended the inaugural Richard Hale School MUN Conference along with 100 other students from across the country, debating current world issues such as global healthcare, nuclear arms reduction and combating the threat of ISIS.

The North Korean delegation of Noah Tucker, Kori Yusuf and James Thompson did their 'glorious supreme leader’ proud by being named as one of the five top 'Distinguished Delegations' with Noah taking home the 'Devils Advocate' award while James was named as the best 'Peacekeeper' in their respective committees. 

The Australian delegation of Niamh Allen, Megan Myring, Rowan Quant and Antonia Martino were all debutantes, but got stuck into their debates asking questions and voting on crucial issues with Rowan being awarded the 'Devils Advocate' award in Disarmament.

The Saudi Arabian delegation of returning MUN'ers, Lina Khaled and Ellisia Giardina, and rookies, Felicia Martino and Liam Connolly, all represented the Kingdom honourably with their impressive debating skills.  BroxMUN veteran, Fiona Tuite took on the responsibility of chairing in the Economic and Social Committee for the first time and facilitated debate very professionally. 

Team Broxbourne now looks forward to its next conferences at John Warner School in February 2018, followed by Haileybury in March 2018.