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Ofsted Inspection

15th November 2017

Following a recent inspection, Ofsted Inspectors found the leadership team has maintained the good quality of education in the school since the last inspection. They stated “You are ambitious for pupils and have high expectations of them. Consequently, you do your utmost to ensure that all pupils are well supported to meet the challenging targets you set”.

Inspectors stated that “a far higher proportion of pupils at The Broxbourne School complete the qualifications necessary to achieve the English Baccalaureate than is typical nationally. Pupils’ progress in the English Baccalaureate element of the Progress 8 measure is well above average. This reflects the high expectations you have for pupils, and is indicative of the good quality of teaching they receive”.  They also stated pupils make “good progress across the school”.

Many parents commented positively during the inspection on the support and encouragement their children receive as pupils of the school. Inspectors agreed with the view of one parent that “despite its success, the school continues to strive for improvement”.  A large number of pupils told Inspectors “they enjoy learning at the school” and “they feel teachers help them to do their best”. Inspectors observed how “pupils value their time at school”.  Inspectors also reported “Pupils have a good understanding of the risks in modern society, such as online safety and from extremist views. They know who to talk to if they are concerned about themselves or about other pupils. Pupils are encouraged to treat everyone equally. They report that bullying is rare and, where it does happen, is well dealt with. Pupils know how to keep themselves safe, and they feel safe”.

The reason for the school’s success is attributed by the Inspectors to the school’s own accurate evaluation of its performance.  “You know which areas need to be improved to make the education you provide even better. You act on what your evaluation tells you to ensure that standards continue to rise”.  They recognised that “Governors make valuable contributions to improvement planning and are integral to the on-going success of the school”.

Paula Humphreys, Headteacher said: “We were very pleased to receive this Inspection letter under the school inspection framework revised in October 2017.  Inspectors were very positive about our students and the quality of teaching they receive.  It is very reassuring that the only two action points reported match priorities already identified in our school development plan.  Our aim as a school is to maintain high standards and to continue to improve further the quality of our provision”.

Please click here to read a copy of the letter from Ofsted.