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Launch Pad

Year 9

Thirty Year 9 pupils participated in the ‘Launch Pad’ programme, which engaged them in a range of team building activities and challenges throughout the day.

The focus of the workshop was to develop key kills and attitudes required in enterprise. This included learning about brand identity and marketing strategies for a business idea.

The day commenced with a rope challenge where students had to interact as a group without speaking to unravel the knots. This led the students to start thinking about the skills required to work effectively in a group. The task helped them identify the type of approach they had individually to a task; distinguishing between creative and logical thinkers.

As the day continued there were various quizzes, ‘guess the company logo and slogan’ and mind games to encourage, ‘thinking out of the box’.

Pupils’ were very enthusiastic when faced with a ‘Tower Challenge’ where each group had to make a tower from newspaper. Within the challenge, students were not able to use any other materials to aid the tower to stand! This was certainly testing where pupils had to be creative and resilient in their approach to ensure the tower could stand independently.

Finally, each group presented an idea based on a design of a sports trainer. All groups had time to design the shoe, brand name, and prepare a financial forecast.

The atmosphere was electric from start to finish; students left feeling motivated and inspired.