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Science in Action

Year 9

Thirty Year 9 students attended GCSE Science in Action lectures at The Emmanuel Centre in London this week, despite the snow.

They were particularly inspired by BBC Science Presenter Greg Foot, who shared his scientific adventure diving to 1,000ft in the deep ocean in a high tech submersible.  Dr Helen Pilcher, author of ‘Bring Back the King: the Science of De-extinction’,  explained how advances in genetics have already made de-extinction a reality; and how the re-appearance of woolly mammoths, baby-burping frogs and other animals will soon put an end to the dogma that extinction is forever.

Students were also treated to an exciting series of dangerous demos from Marty Jopson, the BBC One Show’s resident scientist who placed himself in grave personal danger for their entertainment!

The students behaved impeccably throughout and were a credit to the school and their parents.  We hope the day really inspired them to think about a future career in Science.