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Cyprus Netball Tour

Year 9 and 10

Thirty-seven girls’ enjoyed a fantastic week on a netball tour to Cyprus. The biannual tour took place for the fifth time, with the teams staying in Limassol during the half term break. The Broxbourne teams competed against some excellent Cypriote schools and clubs; despite the blistering heat the teams won all eight matches.

In additional to sampling the local sights, the girls’ enjoyed a trip to the water park, go-karting, an evening of karaoke and bowling. The final evening of the tour saw pupils embrace the fancy dress presentation, where numerous pupils were recognised for their contributions throughout the tour.


  • Best tourist: Olivia Morley

  • Team one player of the tour: Joely Munday

  • Team two player of the tour: Zoe Wood

  • Team three player of the tour: Mia Williams

  • Team four player of the tour: Molly Hindley

  • Go Karting: Shannon Costello and Emily Squires

  • Karaoke killer: Ellie Wood

  • Bowling: Niamh Stevens

  • Fancy Dress: Emily Norman and Sophie Wellard

  • Baby photo competition: Neve Salter and Zoe Wood

For a selection of photographs, please  click here

Thursday Matches

  • Broxbourne Team One 21 – 19 Aki-Epi Team One (player of the match Niamh Stevens)
  • Broxbourne Team Two 35 – 1 Aki-Epi Team Two (player of the match Sophie Smith)
  • Broxbourne Team Three 15 – 3 St Johns School Team One (player of the match Virgilia Forgione)
  • Broxbourne Team Four 10 – 6 St Johns School Team Two (player of the match Neve Salter)

Friday Matches

  • Broxbourne Team One 16 – 4 Akrotiri Team One (player of the match Ellie Oswick)
  • Broxbourne Team Two 21 – 2 Akrotiri Team Two (player of the match Amy Wilson)
  • Broxbourne Team Three 31 – 4 Foleys School Team One (player of the match Scarlett Marshall)
  • Broxbourne Team Four 12 – 9 Foleys School Team Two (player of the match Cassidy Rothwell)

Well done to everyone who made the tour such good fun!