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Sixth Form visit to Auschwitz

Year 12

Year 12 students were particularly moved when they visited the concentration camps at Auschwitz in Poland. The students were able to get a grasp of the significance of the Holocaust when guides shared stories about the history, former prisoners and survivors of Auschwitz. They learnt about the complex and sad past of this dark time as they walked around the grounds of Auschwitz I and Birkenau {Auschwitz II} visually being able to place testimonies and written accounts of Auschwitz aided students to understand and appreciate how prisoners were dehumanised during this time.

They also visited the Schindler’s Factory.  Here they got an insight into the man who inspired the film ‘Schindler’s List’ and explored how a member of the Nazi Party helped more than 1,200 Jews escape the Holocaust. Students also had the opportunity to discover what everyday life was like in Nazi-occupied Krakow and examine personal dramas of the citizens.

We were extremely proud of the maturity and sensitivity the students displayed throughout the trip. We hope that this trip will motivate them to speak out against intolerance and inspire them to consider their responsibilities to their communities.

Below are some of the personal reflections by the students:

‘We were extremely moved by the explicitness of the camps and museums we visited and found it a very touching and educational trip’ - Eden Kent and Lucyann Domican

‘I thought Auschwitz was deeply moving and shocking at times. History textbooks and accounts of the event could never be sufficient enough to display the heartache and loss experienced by so many, you have to see it to even begin to understand.’ Anieka Dawda

‘Although the visit to the camps was a truly heartbreaking experience, what I’ve taken away is something that will stay with me forever. I will never forget.’ Tayla Merrell

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