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Opal Coast Trip

Year 7 and 10

In the penultimate week of term, we had the pleasure of taking a group of Year 7 and Year 10 students across the Channel to the Opal Coast for five days of French lessons and a variety of excursions and activities.

We started the trip at a chocolate factory where students learnt about how different chocolates are made, tasted different flavours and decorated their own bars to take away.  On day two, we visited Europe’s largest aquarium where we got up close and personal with penguins, tropical fish, sharks and fluorescent jellyfish.  Some lucky students even managed to stroke some giant rays!  On the third day, students took part in a town trail which allowed them to practise their French while exploring the centre of the fortified town of Boulogne-Sur-Mer.  We then spent the afternoon at La Coupole, a former WWII bunker complex built by the forces of Nazi Germany to store weapons and act as a long range missile launch base.  Now a museum, students learnt about the occupation of France during WWII and the history of the bunker.   

After a disappointing evening of football (let’s not go into that), students cheered up the next day with a sunny trip to the beach where we spotted a seal colony and relaxed on the sand with some games and ice-cream.  We were very impressed with the students’ French that they had practised in lessons as they ordered their ice-creams and bought gifts and souvenirs.  To round off the trip, on our last day we visited one of the oldest bakeries in the area where students saw how they continue to make bread in the traditional artisan way. We came away with some delicious fresh bread, croissants and pains au chocolat.  Although many were bought to take home, they were so tempting I don’t think many made it back across the Channel!

A huge thank you must go to Miss Duddridge for organising such a wonderful trip, the teachers who accompanied us, and the students, who got stuck in with their French and were complimented on a variety of occasions for their excellent behaviour! Bravo!

For a selection of photos click here