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A-Level Results


Broxbourne School students have achieved an outstanding 37 points per entry (equivalent to almost a B grade (40 points). Students succeeded with a 100% pass rate at A-level in 23 different A-level subjects. 37% of all 286 A-level entries were A*/ A grades and almost 70% were A*-B grades.


Students with excellent results and a clean sweep of A*/ A grades were:

  • Erin Brady
  • Elle Breen
  • Alexander Davies
  • Adam Daynes
  • Emily Fox
  • Joe Linkson
  • Daniella Massri
  • William Mottram
  • Eleanor Murdoch
  • April Parker
  • Liam Quinn
  • Emilia Saudella
  • Matthew Squires
  • Rebecca Thomas
  • Phoebe Walker
  • Kiara Whelan
  • Max Woodier

Paula Humphreys, Headteacher said, “I would like to congratulate all our students. We are delighted with these excellent results which will enable many of our students to embark on competitive courses at top universities and prestigious high level apprenticeships. These results are the outcome of hard work, great support from parents and outstanding teaching.”


Comments from students:

Eleanor Murdoch said “I’m so happy with my results- thank you to all my teachers for all their support”.  Eleanor is now going to read Philosophy at Cambridge after achieving A* grades in both  Religious Studies and Mathematics and A grade in English literature.

Daniella Massri said “I am really looking forward to my course now, it is really exciting. I worked hard and felt really supported by my friends during the lead up to my A Levels”. Daniella is going to study Medicine at UEA after achieving all A*grades in Biology, Chemistry and Maths. Danielle. 

Max Woodier said “I am really pleased with my results and really looking forward to next year. I feel like I prepared well and I am just really pleased that my hard work paid off”.  Max is now going to read Medicine at Cambridge after achieving A* grades in both Biology and Chemistry and A grades in both Mathematics and Physics.

Erin Brady said “I am a bit overwhelmed, I am so overjoyed with my results!”  Erin is now going to study Economics at UCL after achieving all A* grades in Economics, Maths and Physics. 

Joe Linkson said “I am so excited about next year now. I am really happy with my results. I worked hard and it has paid off.”  Joe is now going to study Civil Engineering at Southampton after achieving A* in Chemistry and A grades in both Maths and Physics. 

Elle Breen said “I am really happy with my results and that the work has paid off. I am really excited now about the future opportunities these results will give me.”  Elle is now going on to study Geography at UCL after achieving all A grades in Geography, English Literature and Religious Studies.