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Fund Raising

Record total raised

Pupils, teachers, staff and parents from The Broxbourne School together raised a record £2,334.18 from a recent non-uniform day. Pupils, teachers and staff were allowed to wear their own clothes for one day to support the charities Diabetes UK and Talk Education Partnership in return for a small donation.

Diabetes UK – the UK’s leading diabetes charity. The charity aims to support those living with diabetes, fund critical research, improve healthcare and treatment, and prevent yet more people developing this potentially life-threatening condition.

Talk Education Partnership - a small non-profit charity working to improve educational opportunities for children in rural Uganda through training teachers and supporting redevelopment projects in schools. This is the charity which helped us set up our school link with Namwaya School in Uganda. The money we raised in 2016 helped to build a mains-fed water tank in our link school Namwaya primary. In 2017 the money supported the building of water tanks in more schools in the district. This means that the children no longer have to waste valuable school time collecting water from a local well. It will also save lives and reduce suffering the next time East Africa experiences drought.

Thank you to all pupils, parents and staff who generously donated to two great causes.