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Rotary Design Technology Tournament

Winners 2019


Four teams from the Year 10 Product Design class were chosen to represent The Broxbourne School at the Annual Design Technology Tournament at the Spotlight organised by the Rotary Club of Hoddesdon.

This is a competition against other schools in the local area and is Technology and Engineering based; students worked as a team of 3 or 4 to successfully problem solve a task. This year, the students were required to design, construct and test a crane that needed to collect and return a derailed train carrying a container filled with hazardous chemicals. It also had to have a pulley system to reduce the electric motor speed so that a magnetic lifting hook could be operated at a slow speed with a reversing switch. The crane also had to remain stable and have a means of controlling its operations and movement remotely from a distance of 800mm. The crane had to pass underneath a low bridge.

The students were required to produce a portfolio of their design work as well as design, build and test it all with a limited kit of materials in just four hours. The students worked hard to overcome all these challenges.

I am proud to say that one of our teams also left with the winning shield. Well done to Nicole Jones, Abbie Wheeler and Keya Datta who won the Intermediary (KS4) category.

The Highly Commended award also went to a Broxbourne Team: a huge well done to Luke Hughes, Jay Wharton and Robin Kettle for their creative design and their outstanding attitude to problem solving.


A very well done to Eray Baykal, Harrison Cox, Brady Nickolds, Oliver Gallagher-Bailes, Henry Watson, Jay Hemmingway, Kian Ridley and Sidney Barker who were also outstanding on the day.

The students were an absolute credit to the school; their behaviour was impeccable. Most impressive was their attitude and the manner in which they approached the problem solving: they were faced with many challenges (and a lot of panic) along the way but never gave up. They encouraged each other constantly and tweaked their designs repeatedly until they were successful; they worked together consistently as a united team!

The Broxbourne School were undoubtedly the champions of the day.

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