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Renewable Energy

Year 9 GCSE

The new Year 9 GCSE Product Design class are learning about renewable energy.  

As a starting point, in groups, pupils were asked to design and make a wind turbine capable of lifting a cup off the floor up to the bench height. Pupils had to consider a design that was fast, but one that could also draw up a heavy weight.

After three lessons, the groups were each given the opportunity to test their prototype wind turbines and compete against one another.  Their determination, problem-solving skills and team effort were very impressive!

The prizes were awarded as follows:

  • The fastest speed, raising their cup in just 3 seconds: Wiktor Uss, Luca Inzani, Robyn Langlands, Mia Gandolfo
  • The prototype able to raise the heaviest weight: James Fuller, Bryce Moran, Owen Flanagan, Lucas Jones-Andreas (cover picture)
  • Best team-effort: Jessica Lee, Ruby Tucker, Skye Ieronimou

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