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A Level Results


We would like to congratulate all our students. After a particularly difficult year, we are delighted with the excellent results our students have achieved which will enable many of our students to embark on competitive courses at top universities and prestigious high level apprenticeships. These results reflect their hard work over the past two years, achieved with great support from parents and outstanding teaching.”

Quotes from some students this morning include:

Nadia Lines

Nadia received 4A* grades in English Literature, History, French and Drama. She will be reading English Literature at Cambridge University. Nadia said “It’s a bit insane, I can’t quite believe it. We can celebrate now!”

Lucy Pearce

Lucy received 3 B grades in Economics, English Literature and Sociology. She will be taking a degree apprenticeship in Economics with the civil service. Lucy said “I would like to thank my family for all their support.”

Jacob Millward

Jacob received 2 A* grades, an A grade and one B grade in Maths, Further Maths, Chemistry and Physics. Jacob will be going on now to read Maths at Durham University. Jacob said, “I am very pleased – I want to thank my family for all their support. I might spend some of the rest of today catching up with sleep as I didn’t sleep well last night with all the uncertainty.”

Ridley Thomas

Ridley received two A* grades and one A grade in French, German and History. Ridley will be going on to read History at Cambridge University. She said “I am still in shock… I am really happy with my results. I didn’t agree to any celebrations today as a I wasn’t sure how things would turn out but I might celebrate now.”

Tom Weald

Tom received grades of A*, A and C in Economics, Religious Studies and Mathematics. He is going on to take up an apprenticeship with Lloyds of London. He said “I have really enjoyed school but I’m ready for a fresh challenge. My hard work paid off, I guess in a different way this year. I will certainly be celebrating with friends today!”

Adam Dixon

Adam received grades of A*, A and B in Economics, Geography and Biology. He is taking up an apprenticeship at KPMG. He said “I’m really pleased with my results and want to thank my family and my teachers for their support. I can celebrate with my friends now.”

William Johnson

William received grades of A*, A, A and A in Biology, Chemistry, Maths and Physics. He will be going on to read Natural Sciences at York University. He said “I am surprised to get an A* in Biology, if I was going to get one anywhere I thought it would be in maths. I am really delighted with my results and will be celebrating later.”

Harry Jackson

Harry received grades of A, B and B in Maths, History and Physics. He will be taking up a degree apprenticeship in Electrical Engineering with Leonardo. “Thanks to my EPQ I only needed three D grades for the course but I am delighted to get these higher grades. I think I need to calm down now!”

Charlotte Keys

Charlotte received 3A* grades in Biology, Chemistry and Religious Studies. She will be going on to take up Neuroscience at Exeter University. She said “I am very happy it all came out for me ok as there has been so much uncertainty. I’ll be going out with friends today. My family and my teachers have all been fantastic in supporting me.”

Enis Kara

Enis received grades of B, B and C in Biology, Mathematics, Chemistry. He will be going on now to study Veterinary Science at the Royal Vets College. “I was really relieved to get the grades I needed. It is a dream come true.”