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16 - 19 Bursaries - Fact Sheet for Students & Parents

What are the 16-19 Bursaries?

As you may be aware the government has decided to stop the programme of Educational Maintenance Allowance (EMA) which provided some financial support for disadvantaged students during their time in the 6th form. The EMA has been replaced by the 16-19 Bursary Scheme which will provide the school with more limited funding to support eligible students through their 6th form studies.*
The school will be able to support disadvantaged students with things such as school trips, text books, examination fees and music tuition and any other issues that might arise which may present a financial obstacle to students’ achievement.
There are two types of bursaries. Students in the following categories will automatically receive a £1200 guaranteed bursary:
·         Students in care
·         Student care leavers
·         Students receiving income support in their own right
·     Disabled students in receipt of both Employment Support Allowance and Disability Living Allowance

The other type of bursary is a discretionary bursary which the school can award to disadvantaged students to support them in their studies.
Am I eligible for a discretionary bursary?
You may be eligible if:
·         You were previously in receipt of the EMA
·         You are in receipt of Free School Meals
·         You have previously received Free School Meals or other financial subsidies such as music fees remission, help with trips etc.
How do I register for Free School Meals?
To list of qualifying benefits for Free School Meals is as follows:
  • Income Support
  • Income-based Job Seeker's Allowance
  • Income-related Employment Support Allowance
  • Child Tax Credit, with a taxable income of no more than £16,190 and not in receipt of Working Tax Credit
  • Pension Credit (Guarantee Credit)*
  • Support under Part VI of the Immigration and Asylum Act 1999
  • Working Tax Credit during the four-week period immediately after employment finishes or after you start to work less than 16 hours per week
The registration process for Free School Meals has become much more straight-forward in recent years and can be accessed via the following web-site:
Hertfordshire County Council (HCC) will normally be in a position to advise parents of the outcome immediately if parents are already in receipt of the relevant benefits.
If I am eligible how will I receive the money?
This will depend on the nature of the need outlined in your application. In some cases we might pay be cheque, in others we might pay an organisation directly e.g. exam fees or music tuition.
How much will I receive?
This will determined once the school has details of all students who are eligible and will be determined on a basis of need. Priority will be given to paying for A Level-related music tuition, field trips, text books, university trips and examination fees.
How do I apply for a bursary?
To apply for a bursary you should fill in the Application Form for 16-19 Bursary which is available from the school web-site through this link Application Form for 16 - 19 Bursary or from the school’s finance office. On completion it should be returned to the Head of 6th form.
*NB Students who received EMA at the full rate between September 2010 and July 2011 will receive £20 per week in this academic year as part of transitional arrangements.