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Art and Design

Exam Board - Edexcel

Course Content

This course takes an adventurous and an enquiring approach to art and design.  Students should be able to demonstrate an understanding of past and contemporary art and design practice and be able to produce artwork that embraces a range of ideas.  The course is structured on two units for AS-level and two units for A-level.


Year 12
     AS Certificate


Component 1
50% AS
2 sketch books
Studies experimenting with different materials and techniques such as
painterly, photographic, sculptural and print.
3 or more resolved pieces across a range of media.
Component 2
50% AS
Exam Work
Externally set theme
10 hour test piece
2 resolved pieces, 1 in test time
Year 13
Component 1
60% of A-level
Coursework Critical Investigation
Study of a chosen area with practical outcomes.
1 written response in either book, folder or typed in essay format that
supports a personal project documented in 1 or 2 sketchbooks – minimum
of 1000 words.
3 or more resolved pieces
Component 2
40% of A-level
Externally set theme
15 hour test piece
3 resolved pieces, 1 in test time


Methods of Assessment

AS Component 1 and A2 Component 1 are internally set and marked, externally moderated.  AS Component 2 and A2 Component 2 are externally set, internally marked and externally moderated.
In May/early June of each course year, students will need to present units for external moderation.  This will take the form of an exhibition.  Each student will be allocated one or two panels of display screen and a table.  Both units must be submitted for AS and both units for the A-level.  The exam piece and supporting work and the complete coursework units.
Assessment is based on the ability to:
  • Develop ideas through sustained investigations and exploration
  • Analyse and evaluate critically, showing understanding of purpose meanings and contexts
  • Record in an appropriate manner
  • Present a resolved response which realises intentions
The four assessment objectives above are the same for AS and A-level.  They are equally weighted.  At A-level there is an additional assessment grid for the written personal study.  This assesses pupil’s written communication, use of specialist terminology and ability to express ideas fluently.  AS and A-level have been ‘decoupled’ – which means that AS marks or grades do not count towards the full A-level.

Other Information

Students need to visit galleries, museums and art centres regularly to inform their research and knowledge.  A wealth of knowledge can be acquired from the media.  A constant awareness of, and an interest in visual information, will be helpful and stimulating to the development of coursework.  A gradual collection of art equipment is essential to create breadth to the range of work undertaken.

Entry Requirements