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BTEC National - Applied Science (Extended Certificate)

Exam Board - Edexcel

Course Content and Methods of Assessment

This Applied Science course includes a range of assessment types and styles suited to vocational qualifications in the sector.  There are three main forms of assessment: external, internal and synoptic.
Principles and Applications of Science I - Written exam externally marked 90 mins
  • Periodicity and properties of elements (Chemistry)
  • Structure and functions of cells and tissues (Biology)
  • Waves in Communication (Physics)
Practical Scientific Procedures and Techniques - Assignment marked internally
  • Learners will be introduced to quantitative laboratory techniques, calibration, chromatography, calorimetry and laboratory safety which are relevant to the chemical and life science industries.
Science Investigation Skills - Supervised Assessment Practical task marked externally
  • The assessment task will assess learners’ ability to plan, record, process, analyse and evaluate scientific findings, using primary and secondary information/data.  The supervised practical assessment is arranged over a number of sessions in a three-week period.
1 Optional Unit - Portfolio marked internally
Choose from:
  • Physiology of Human Body Systems
  • Human Regulation and Reproduction
  • Biological Molecules and Metabolic Pathways
  • Genetics and Genetic Engineering
  • Diseases and Infections
  • Applications of Inorganic Chemistry
  • Applications of Organic Chemistry
  • Electrical Circuits and their Application
  • Astronomy and Space Science

Entry Requirements

GCSE CC (Core and Additional Science) or above.