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BTEC National - Applied Science (Extended Certificate)

Exam Board - Edexcel

Course Content and Methods of Assessment

This Applied Science course includes a range of assessment types and styles suited to vocational qualifications in the sector.  There are three main forms of assessment: external, internal and synoptic.
Principles and Applications of Science I - Written exam externally marked 90 mins - Unit 1
  • Periodicity and properties of elements (Chemistry)
  • Structure and functions of cells and tissues (Biology)
  • Waves in Communication (Physics)
Practical Scientific Procedures and Techniques - Assignment marked internally - Unit 2
  • Learners will be introduced to quantitative laboratory techniques, calibration, chromatography, calorimetry and laboratory safety which are relevant to the chemical and life science industries.
Science Investigation Skills - Supervised Assessment Practical task marked externally - Unit 3
  • The assessment task will assess learners’ ability to plan, record, process, analyse and evaluate scientific findings, using primary and secondary information/data.  The supervised practical assessment is arranged over a number of sessions in a three-week period.
Human Regulation and Reproduction – Assignment marked internally - Unit 9 
The human body is a complex organisation of systems that each needs to be controlled within a well-defined range of parameters.  This unit will help your understanding of the key homeostatic principles that help provide this stable body environment.  There have been many advances in human fertility in recent years, and there are opportunities to consider these and the hormonal control of the reproductive system.  Fertility treatments will also be considered.
You will investigate the interrelationship and nervous control of the cardiovascular and respiratory systems, the homeostatic mechanisms in the body and the hormonal control of the reproductive system.

Entry Requirements

GCSE 5-5 Combined Science