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We have a dedicated week of careers guidance in Year 12, in addition to providing information and guidance throughout the academic year.  You will be advised about options for Higher Education, along with Apprenticeships and School Leaver Programmes, and how to apply to them all.

It is vital that students consider their future options and use their time in Sixth Form to gain the skills and experience that will enable them to fulfil their ambitions.  As such, each department has made suggestions about how a student could ready themselves for the next stage.  This includes ideas for further reading, experiences, lectures and events that students could participate in. For further information please individual departments.

Higher Education

We have an excellent track record of assisting students’ applications to some of the most prestigious universities and courses, including Oxbridge and Medicine. A large proportion of our students progress to University education, however all students are offered the same level of support, regardless of their proposed destinations.

If you are looking to join a competitive university or course after Sixth Form, we have a team of dedicated tutors who will work with you to prepare and guide you through the application process from the start of Year 12.  We have excellent links with our partner colleges at Oxford (Balliol) and Cambridge (Gonville and Caius), and an established tradition of taking students to the colleges for taster days and activities.

Making plans to get into higher education involves big decisions for parents, sons and daughters. Applying for university is an exciting process but can initially appear daunting. What is the right subject, where should they apply, how will they manage their finances are common questions. The ‘UCAS & Careers Information’ guide gives some important advice and guidance prior to starting the process.

UCAS & Careers Information

Some useful websites are:


Level 4 + Apprenticeships and School Leaver programmes are an alternative route into industry. 

During the two years, we will invite in leading figures from industry and the apprenticeship routes to advise you about how to apply and be successful.  Lots of companies advertise for school leavers including: KPMG, EY, Deloitte, Tesco, GlaxoSmithKline, Astrium, Harrods. 

We will also run workshops on preparing for applying for apprenticeships, interviews and writing an effective CV.

Some useful websites are: