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What time does my child need to be in school?

School starts at 8.40am so pupils should arrive by 8.30am to ensure that they reach their form room before the bell goes.  It is important to establish good patterns of punctuality.  Pupils will be given a detention if they are persistently late.  When pupils arrive late, they must report to Reception in Upper School.

What times are my child's lessons?

8.40am    Registration

8.50am    Period 1

9.50am    Period 2

10.50am  Break

11.10am  Period 3

12.10pm  Period 4

1.10pm    Registration for Years 7, 8 & 10 and lunch for Years 9 & 11

1.30pm    Lunch for Years 7, 8 & 10

1.40pm    Registration for Years 9 & 11

2.00pm     Period 5

3.00pm     School End

Pupils should stay on the school site at break and lunchtime.  The cost of the meal of the day is £2.50.  Food is also available at breaktime for an additional cost.  The school operates a cashless catering system using biometric technology.

Who should I inform if my child is absent from school?

If a pupil is absent, parents must either email the school on or telephone the attendance department at school by choosing option 3 from the menu, on the first day of absence and each subsequent day of absence.  Parents may also text the school using the Gateway app.  On his/her return, a letter must be given to the Form Tutor explaining the reason for the absence.  Absence for part of the day, because of an appointment at a dentist or doctor, must be explained in advance to Form Tutors by means of a letter or appointment card.

The school has recently reviewed its policy on Attendance.  Our aim is to encourage and assist all students to reach outstanding levels of attendance and punctuality.  Underpinning this commitment is a belief that students are only able to take full advantage of the educational opportunities available to them if they attend school regularly and punctually. 

Holidays have an adverse effect on student progress and final examination performance.  The school will, therefore, no longer approve any requests for absence for holidays in term time except under exceptional circumstances.

Who should I speak with if I need to contact the school?

If you wish to contact the school about your child, please contact their Form Tutor in the first instance by writing a note in your child's Student Planner or by telephoning Reception.  Routine information will be sent home to parents via pupils or on Schoolcomms.  Individual or confidential matters will be mailed to you, or you may be contacted by telephone.  The school’s website covers all aspects of the school including forthcoming events.  The School Planner also contains all important dates and shows whether we are working in week 1 or week 2.

How do we communicate home with parents?

If we hold a parent/carer's email address then communications home will be by email.  If an email address has not been provided by the parent/carer then letters will either be printed and given to the pupil to take home in registration or in some cases these may be posted home.  School reports will also be emailed home on the dates stated in the parent’s calendar.

Does the school offer pastoral support?

Each year group has a Head of Year and a team of Form Tutors.  The Year Team support the wellbeing and progress of pupils.  Our aim is to work with pupils and parents to achieve the highest levels of attainment.

Why are detentions set?

Detentions are given in school so that pupils are mindful of work, behaviour, appearance or punctuality which is not of an acceptable standard.  In most cases, detentions are set in advance and sent via email to warn parents and remind pupils that a detention is due.  Pupils who miss their detention must attend a Head of Department’s detention for an hour – Parents will be notified of this by email.  If this is missed a further SLT detention will be set and you will be notified once again by email.  However, pupils who miss an SLT detention will be set a two hour Headteacher detention.  Sanctions are recorded on pupils’ records.

The Internal Inclusion Unit is used by senior members of staff as a sanction for more serious incidents.  Pupils are placed here in isolation, and are supervised whilst completing school work by the Inclusion Manager.

What personal property can my child bring in to school?

All personal property must be named indelibly, if possible.  Items such as a watch or cash must be kept on the person.  Children must not bring any valuable personal property to school.

Mobile Phones and Ipods

Pupils must not use mobile phones, iPods or other MP3 players whilst on the school site between 8.30am and 3.00pm.  If pupils use a mobile phone, iPod or other MP3 player then it will be confiscated and passed to Reception.  It will be kept at Reception until it can be collected by a parent or carer.  Smart watches are forbidden at school.

We ask that parents support us and do not attempt to contact pupils on their mobile phones during the school day. If a parent needs to contact their son or daughter urgently then they should telephone Reception who will be able to relay messages to pupils. In an emergency, pupils are also able to contact parents via Reception or their Head of Year.

What happens if my child feels unwell or needs to take medication during the school day?

Pupils who feel unwell must get a slip from their teacher and go to Reception.  They can stay there until they feel better and return to class, or they are collected by parents.  Any medicines must be supervised by First Aid.  Pupils must not carry or administer any medication themselves.

What if my child needs to leave the school site?

Pupils who leave the premises for any legitimate reason during the school day must sign out at Reception.  Similarly, pupils arriving at school late must sign in.  It is essential that pupils are accounted for during the school day.

Am I able to contribute to the school for my child's education?

Each family is asked to contribute £15.00 per year, if possible, towards our ICT fund-raising scheme, ‘Dig Deep for ICT’.  This is a voluntary payment but without it the school would not be able to ensure the ICT provision it presently enjoys.  Thank you in advance for your generosity.  A letter detailing ways in which to pay is provided in the welcome pack.

Can my child have breakfast at school?

Research shows that children who eat breakfast regularly are able to focus better in the classroom and so improve their learning.

Breakfast items are available for all pupils to purchase from the Upper School Dining Hall from 8.15am to 8.35am.  If your child receives free school meals, £1.50 will be available to them every day during this time to purchase breakfast.  We hope that your son/daughter will take up this opportunity and have breakfast with us in school.