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Further Mathematics

Board - OCR

Course Content

An AS in Further Mathematics will be achieved by the study of three modules in Year 12.  These modules are Further Pure 1, Decision 1 and Decision 2.
The topics of study in these modules are as follows:
Further Pure 1:
3 Simultaneous Equations, Summing Series, Matrices, Complex Numbers, Roots of Polynomials
Decision 1:
Algorithms, Sorting, Shortest Path, Travelling Salesperson, Linear Programming
Decision 2:
Matchings, Critical Path Analysis, Dynamic Programming, Game Theory
In Year 13 the A-level course comprises of three further modules.  These are:
Further Pure 2:
Hyperbolic Functions, McLaurin’s Functions, Polar Co-Ordinates, Graphs of Rational Functions
Statistics 2:
Continuous Probability Distributions, Sampling, Poisson and Normal Distributions, Hypothesis Testing
Mechanics 2:
Projectiles, Equilibrium of Rigid Bodies, Momentum and Impulse, Circular Motion, Work, Energy and Power

Methods of Assessment

All modules have equal weighting.  Each module in Year 12 is assessed by a ninety minute examination.  Further Pure 1, Decision 1 and Decision 2 are assessed in June of Year 12.  In Year 13, Further Pure 2, Statistics 2 and Mechanics 2 are assessed in June.

Other Information

An A* at the higher tier GCSE provides a sound basis for further study of the subject in the Sixth Form.  Candidates who have studied certificates in Additional Mathematics or Further Mathematics alongside GCSE study will be at an advantage, though this is not a requirement.
All students will be expected to complete preparatory work prior to commencing the course. 
An AS grade of C or better is required to successfully continue onto the Year 13 A2 course.

Entry Requirements

GCSE A in Mathematics.