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KS4 Course Information

The booklet below aims to give parents information about what their child will be going through over the next couple of years. It outlines the demands that will be placed on them and offers some suggestions as to how parents can help. There are also details about how the school will provide information for parents to keep them informed of their child’s progress and what the school will be doing to support and encourage pupils to do their best.
Key Stage 4 can be a demanding and pressurised time for pupils, but it also offers them great stimulation and interest. They have a greater say in what subjects they study and they are able to study these areas in greater depth and detail.
We believe that by working together as a partnership, the school and parents can ensure that pupils both enjoy their studies in Years 10 and 11 and also achieve their full potential.
This information relates to students that are currently in Year 11 2020.
BTEC Tech in Enterprise 2019
BTEC Sport 2018 - 2020 
KS4 - Course Information 2019 - 2021
BTEC Engineering 2018 - 2020