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Course Content

An AS in Mathematics will be achieved by the study of three modules in Year 12.  These modules are Core 1, Core 2 and Probability and Statistics 1.
The topics of study in these modules are as follows:
Core 1:
Indices and Surds, Quadratics, Co-ordinate Geometry, Graphing and Differentiation
Core 2:
Trigonometry, Polynomials, Laws of Logs and Integration
Probability and Statistics 1:
Representation of data, Probability, Discrete Random Variables and Bivariate Data
In Year 13 the A-level course comprises of three further modules.  These are:
Core 3:
Exponentials, Logs, Trigonometry, Functions
Core 4:
Calculus, Partial Fractions, Binomial Theorem, Polynomials, Vectors
Mechanics 1:
Forces, Friction, Newton’s Laws, Momentum, Straight line motion

Methods of Assessment

All modules have equal weighting.  Each module in Year 12 is assessed by a ninety minute examination.  Core 1, Core 2 and Probability and Statistics 1 are assessed in June of Year 12.  In Year 13, Core 3, Core 4 and Mechanics 1 are assessed in June.

Other Information

An A* or A at the higher tier GCSE provides a sound basis for further study of the subject in the Sixth Form.
All students will be expected to complete preparatory work prior to commencing the course.
An AS grade of C or better is required to successfully continue onto the Year 13 A2 course.

Entry Requirements

GCSE A in Mathematics.