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Michael Clarke


Michael was a student at The Broxbourne School from 2014 to 2011, before gaining a place at UEA, the University of East Anglia to study Scriptwriting and Performance.

Whilst at UEA he developed his interest in comedy and drama, performing in 'Darkle' at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival in 2014, a play by TV and film writer Bill Gallagher.  The role that Michael played, Brian, was originally taken by fellow actor and now Hollywood star, James Frain.

Having left university in 2014, Michael is pursuing a career in acting, poetry and stand-up comedy.  He has won London's Open Mic Golden Gun Award and recently won a place in the National Final of the Hammer and Tongue spoken word competition, winning the Brighton regional final.

Michael is enthusiastic about his time in the Sixth Form at Broxbourne.  He studied Drama, English and Philosophy & Ethics for A Levels, and says "A lot of my writing is derived from studying Philosophy and Ethics in some way.  It sparked my curiosity and both informed and inspired the work I do today.  Some of the teachers at Broxbourne were inspirational.

The Sixth Form was a great time to help me focus on the path I wanted to take, both with my education and afterwards in my career.  It was a period of discovery."

With his acting career taking off, Michael has recently been cast in a new BBC comedy project, 'Hash Helmet' from the same executive producer as 'The League of Gentlemen', 'WIA' and 'Extras'. 


Photo : Michael in Bill Gallagher's 'Darkle', Edinburgh Fringe Festival