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Exam Board - Edexcel

Course Content

UNIT 1:  Performing Music
Students are required to perform as soloists and/or as part of an ensemble.  The repertoire can be chosen from any style and can be performed on any instrument.  The expected standard of performance is around grade 5 and around five to six minutes of material is recorded.  Commitment to extra-curricular activities in school is essential.
UNIT 2:  Composing
For the composition unit students are required to compose one piece of music to fit a choice of four briefs issued by the exam boards in the September of their AS year.  The composition is to be completed in controlled, supervised conditions over the autumn and spring term.  In addition to this, students are required to write their own CD sleeve notes to support their composition in a 1 hour controlled period.  The briefs set by the exam board cover a spectrum of styles and cater for all tastes in music.
UNIT 3:  Developing Musical Understanding
This unit includes a written and a listening paper.  It develops students understanding of how Music works through a study of some set works.  This is the only end of unit exam in the AS course.  The exam is two hours long.

Methods of Assessment

Unit 1:       The performance work is recorded and assessed in school and then sent to the exam board for
                  external moderation.
Unit 2:       The composing unit requires a score and a recording to be sent for external assessment.
Unit 3:       The listening and the understanding papers are both externally assessed.

Other Information

A degree of competency on your instrument is essential as you will need to reach grade 5 by the end of the Spring term of your AS year.  In order to develop your skills in this area, you must be prepared to commit to extra-curricular activities in school.  A basic knowledge of the theory of music and music reading is also essential if you are to do well on this course.  The music course is varied, interesting and enjoyable but requires full commitment from students.  Meeting all deadlines is essential.
Grade 5 theory lessons are also available as an after school private session which students are encouraged to attend in order to support all aspects of their AS level.

Entry Requirements

GCSE B in Music.