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Other School Policies

Behaviour and Discipline Policy and Procedures

Complaints and Conciliation Procedure

Attendance and Punctuality

Drugs Policy and Procedures

Personal Property and School Property Policy

Charging and Remission Policy

Equality Scheme

Special Educational Needs and Disabilities ('SEND') Policy and Procedures

Special Educational Needs and Disabilities - School's Information Report

Accessibility Plan

Whistleblowing Policy & Procedures

Data Protection Policy

Supporting Pupils with Medical Conditions

Review of Marking

Relationships and Sex Education (draft, updated version 2020)

Equality Scheme

The Broxbourne School is committed to improvement. The aim of the school is to raise students' expectations and standards of achievement in a secure and supportive environment. The school's mission statement is "Achievement and Opportunity for All". Our drive is to ensure all pupils achieve, are happy, healthy and enjoy their education.

We are committed to ensuring and promoting equality of education and opportunity for students, staff and those receiving services from the school, regardless of gender, disability, race, religion, age or sexual orientation. We believe that diversity is a strength, which should be respected and celebrated by all those who learn, teach or visit the school.

Anyone wishing to contribute to the next review of these policies can do so by contacting the Headteacher.