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Dress Code 

The Sixth Form students at The Broxbourne School are a role model for the rest of the school, and as such they must be as equally smart.  The dress code reflects this.  The Sixth Form dress code is business wear and the requirements are set out clearly in the dress code.

Home Study Agreement

An important role of the Sixth Form is to support students in making the transition from school to their next steps.  A crucial part of this is to enable students to become responsible independent young people.  At The Broxbourne School, we have developed a system whereby students are allowed to study at home during their study periods, or study at school in the dedicated study spaces.  As such, we ask students and parents to sign the agreement.  This privilege however can be removed if students do not use the opportunity appropriately.   

Paid Employment

We recognise the need for you to earn your own money and the educational experience that such jobs provide can be valuable. You should, however, think carefully about commitments which are going to encroach upon your study time outside school.

Students must not work during the school day between the hours of 08.40 – 15.00, and we would advise not starting until after 16.30 due to the large numbers of after school activities that take place.  Additionally, we advise that students work no more than 6 hours a week.  National research has shown that students who work for more than 8 hours a week score one grade lower on average in each of their A levels, and students working 10 hours or more score 2 grades lower.  Whilst at Sixth Form, a student’s priority needs to be studying towards reaching their potential.

Code of Conduct: School Email

Sixth Form Students have a school email address for work purposes.  This is solely for students to contact their teachers regarding work or assistance, and it is not for parental use.  This facility must be used responsibly.