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Exam Board - Pearson Edexcel Psychology A-level (2015) (9PSO)

Course Content

Year 1 – Foundations in Psychology:
  • Cognitive psychology – study of mental processes in the brain, specifically memory
  • Social psychology – study of relationships with each other and society and how it affects behaviour i.e. obedience and prejudice
  • Biological psychology – study of how brain structure, genes and hormones may influence behaviour
  • Learning theories – how we learn and perceive information and how this influences behaviour
Year 2 – Applications of Psychology:
  • Clinical psychology – different explanations for mental health disorders and ways of treating them
  • Health psychology – how and why people behave in unhealthy ways e.g. drug misuse
  • Psychological skills – methodological and conceptual issues in Psychology

Methods of Assessment

Psychology students will sit three 2 hour exams at the end of the second year. The first paper (35% of overall grade) will assess Foundations in Psychology in a variety of questioning methods e.g. short answer, long answer and data and response questions.  Paper two (35% of overall grade) has the same format but is assessing Applications of Psychology. The final paper (30% of overall grade) brings together both years of study in a Psychological Skills paper.

Other Information

Psychology is a scientific, academic subject; students will be required to have strong literacy and maths skills, as well as an ability to think critically. The subject of Psychology gives students the opportunity to develop the aforementioned skills to a high level, equipping them well for life beyond The Broxbourne School.

Entry Requirements

6 (triple science Biology GCSE), 7-7 Combined Science