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Year 7 Mob Race

The annual year 7 mob race takes place in September. All pupils in year 7 represent their house by taking part in the one and half mile cross country competition.

On Thursday 11th September, all year 7 students took part in the mob race. This is the first opportunity for year 7 students to score points for their house and is always an enjoyable and colourful afternoon, this year was no different.

The girls race was won by Niamh Stevens of Austen, while the boys race was won by William Atkins of Chaucer. The PE department would like to congratulate all of the students who to took part and completed the race, you all contributed to a fantastic event.

The overall house results were as follows;


1st Milton, 2nd Chaucer, 3rd Austen, 4th Bronte


1st Chaucer, 2nd Milton, 3rd Bronte, 4th Austen


1st Milton, 2nd Chaucer, 3rd Austen, 4th Bronte