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Our Curriculum at Key Stage 4

Key Stage 4 – Years 10 and 11 - is a critical time in every pupil’s life. The results they obtain at the end of this period will have a major influence on their future career opportunities.

Clearly, it is essential that we help them to put this time, which amounts to little more than five terms, to the best possible use. The support offered to pupils both by the school and by parents can make an enormous difference, particularly in helping them to cope with the increased workload that Key Stage 4 courses bring.

KS4 Virtual Information Evening

This section contains a series of recordings sharing key information that will enable parents to support their children over the next two years of the key stage 4 programme. These replace the scheduled key stage 4 information evening that unfortunately we are not able to host at the school due to the current circumstances. 

In the recordings linked below you will find information on target-setting and advice for parents on how best to support your children, particularly in the key areas of Maths and English. There may be some dates that are no longer correct in some of the presentations; these are correct in the Word document "Key dates" linked to below. 

Key Dates 

We hope you find this information useful; please do not hesitate to contact the school should you have any questions arising from these recordings.

An overview and introduction - Mr Clift, Deputy Headteacher

Information regarding target setting - Miss Naugher, Assistant HeadteacherHow best to support pupils in the two English GCSE courses - Mrs Palmer, Director of EnglishTop tips on supporting pupils to be successful in maths - Mr Sheppard, Director of Maths



KS4 Course Information

Key Stage 4 can be a demanding and pressurised time for pupils, but it also offers them great stimulation and interest. They have a greater say in what subjects they study and they are able to study these areas in greater depth and detail.

We believe that by working together as a partnership, the school and parents can ensure that pupils both enjoy their studies in Years 10 and 11 and also achieve their full potential.

KS4 Options Information

The KS4 options timetable below shows a timeline of the activities that we will conduct to ensure that students and parents have sufficient support to make informed choices for this next important stage of eduction.

Options Timetable

The presentation below was used at the KS4 Options Information Evening on 3rd November 2021.  

KS4 Options Information Evening

The following booklet contains general subject information about each course.  Students will receive a personalised booklet, including their option forms.

Subject Booklet 

The following videos were recorded as part of the KS4 Options process in 2020-21.  We have left them here for parents who missed the Information Evening to refer to if necessary.  There may be some information which is out of date and some which is specific to the nationwide restrictions last year.  If you have any questions please contact with the subject KS4 options.


Please find below two introductory videos about the Year 9 Option process.  The first video by Mr Parris explains the rationale of our process as well as some general information about Key Stage 4 courses.  The second video by Mr Sheppard goes into more detail about the structure and timetable for the options process.  

Key Stage 4 Information Evening (virtual) Part 1 - Introduction & Rationale

Key Stage 4 Information Evening (virtual) Part 2 -  Structure and Timetable

Key Stage 4 Subject InformationThe KS4 options timetable below shows a timeline of the activities that we will conduct to ensure that students and parents have sufficient support to make informed choices for this next important stage of education.   

Key Stage 4 Options Timetable