Year 12 Parent Information

Information For Parents

Expectations of students

  • Have excellent punctuality and attendance
  • Engage in subjects and be prepared for all lessons
  • Use study periods effectively to revisit class work, read ahead or around their A level subjects
  • Be excellent role models
  • Contribute to and participate in supporting the wider school community

Students can expect

  • Excellent teaching, academic support and monitoring
  • Compassionate pastoral support
  • Personalised career information and guidance
  • A work load to match their study periods and homework time
  • To work independently and take responsibility
  • Opportunities for enrichment, stretch and challenge, leadership and community action


  • Is there a uniform? The dress code was sent home in June, and all students should come to school dressed in such a way that they could walk out of school and into a professional interview.
  • Can my child leave the school site? Students in Y12 & 13 can study at home if parents sign the home study agreement. This privilege can be revoked at any time to support student learning and achievement
  • Who do I contact if my child is unwell or needs to miss school?  Please email attendance to report any absence on each day. With dental, GP and other appointments, please try to make these in a non-contact time.  Students cannot have driving lessons during the school day.  Students must not work during school hours, and they must work no more than 8 hours in paid employment a week.
  • How do I know how my child is progressing? Half termly reviews, annual reports and parents evening. Induction tests and mock exams.
  • Where do your students go after sixth form? Our students go on to a range of next steps, including Oxbridge and Russell Group universities as well as high level and degree apprenticeships and employment
  • Is there help for applications for medicine or Oxbridge? Yes we have a Broxplore and Marvellous Minds group, as well as dedicated Medical group for prospective medical, veterinary and dental students.
  • Is there help for applying to apprenticeships? Yes, we invite a range of apprentices and employers into school (and this year more remote sessions) as well as offer CV and application support


Year 12 Induction Evening 2023 - Information for Parents