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Our Curriculum Intent

A curriculum is composed of the knowledge, skills, concepts, ideas, principles and vocabulary students will encounter during their course of study. A curriculum provides structure for learning school subjects and sets out how students will make progress through encountering increasingly challenging subject materials.  A planned and sequenced curriculum is the most effective way of delivering subject content to learners, especially when it has been constructed by subject-specialists.  A curriculum will be constantly reviewed and revised so that it remains rigorous, robust and reflective of new knowledge.

The Broxbourne School Curriculum Intent

All learners will have access to an ambitious, challenging and rigorous curriculum which:

  • develops appreciation of what it means to be human in a diverse world;

  • promotes planned and sequenced learning of essential subject-specific knowledge, concepts, ideas, skills, and vocabulary;

  • provides an understanding of how the world works, on a local and global scale, in order to make positive contributions to society;

  • creates confident, resilient, independent, responsible and aspirant young people;

  • encourages effective communication, problem-solving, creativity, literacy and cultural appreciation in order to lead flourishing lives.

  • is appropriately adapted and adjusted to be accessible by all students, including disadvantaged students and those with SEND.

Opportunity for all

The school is strongly committed to supporting all pupils to achieve their full potential. Our Accessibility Plan outlines the measures we have put in place to ensure our school environment enables all pupils to access the full richness of our curriculum. To find out more details of how we support SEND pupils please see our SEND information report and Accessibility Plan. 

Accessibility Plan 

SEND Information Report