Revising Effectively

Revision is key for success in examinations and other assessments. Many pupils struggle to know where to begin when revising so we have put together a series of resources (see below) which will help students revise more effectively. These are informed by research evidence and have been "tried and tested" by previous cohorts.

One resource is the “revision planner”. There are two versions of the revision planner (one as an Excel spreadsheet and one as a pdf to download and print off) that pupils can use to plan the lead up to internal or external exams on a week by week basis.

Year 11 will also have access to subject revision timetables which outline week by week what individual subjects suggest would be helpful for them to revise in the lead up to their public examinations. This information could be used to populate the revision planner. These subject revision timetables outline what pupils can do independently at home to revise. For Year 11 there is also a schedule of in-school revision and coursework catch up sessions that take place each week after school. 



Subject Revision Timetables - Year 11

Revision Planner

7Up Script Exemplars

The following documents contain exam paper scripts at Grade 7 and above. This is to support those pupils who are aspirational in pursuing high level grades so that you have a reference of the standards and expectations for those GCSE grades.

This should be used to support you in modelling and refining Grade 7 and above answers to sample exam questions.

Remember in terms of exam practice, it is not just about remembering and regurgitating content and knowledge, it is about being exam savvy. Ensuring you know what the questions are asking of you and what you need to deliver.

Be smart about ensuring you recognise key words such as explore, analyse and explain.

Be shrewd about knowing how many marks are up for each question.

Know where your strengths lie and play to them ensuring you complete questions that you know you can score highly on first

PE/Computer Science/Business Studies/DT



Video Guides for Effective Revision

Parental Guide to Revision

3 Top Tips - Subject Revision

Coursework, Catch Up and Revision Sessions

Please see below for information regarding Coursework, Catch Up and Revision Sessions

Coursework, Catch Up and Revision Sessions