Our Music curriculum is engaging, relevant and fun.  The schemes at Key Stage 3 have a practical focus, where knowledge and skills are learnt through first hand experiences.  Topics include Cartoon Music, Reggae, Song Writing, Gamelan, Film Music and the Blues.  By Year 9 pupils move onto the Macs in our dedicated Music Mac suite where, for one of their projects, they can use professional software to compose music to match the music image of a film clip.  This happens in real time and they can overlay their musical ideas gradually in layers to create an atmospheric Film Score.  We teach every child keyboard skills in Year 7 – the aim is that all can play and read simple music at the keyboard

We have devised an inclusive curriculum and at Key Stage 3 the majority of the work is practical, developing the pupils’ compositional and performing skills.  Much of the practical work is undertaken in pairs or groups, which helps to build confidence.  The more able musicians are always given the opportunity to develop at their own pace.  We feel that having some kind of experience of an instrument is essential for all pupils and as such, we have incorporated keyboard skills into many of our schemes.  Those who play instruments are encouraged to bring them in for their class music lessons.  All pupils by the end of Year 7 are able to read, play and compose at the keyboard.  Pupils are also given a solid grounding in Music Theory and general listening and appraisal.

We offer both GCSE and A Level Music (Edexcel exam board) and we attract external candidates for our A-level course.  We pride ourselves in the individual care and attention we provide for our exam pupils.  We support them through the course, equipping them with the necessary skills and knowledge to achieve their very best in their exams.  Our team of amazing peripatetic staff play a vital role in our pupils’ exam development, developing their practical skills on their chosen instrument(s)/voice to reach the rigorous standards required.  Many of our A-level pupils go onto to higher education courses in Music.