Parents and Friends


‘I would like to say a big “Thank you” to Mrs Kornhauser and Mrs Wood for the time, energy and infectious enthusiasm they give our children through the music department.  Whether going on to have a music career or enjoying a lifelong hobby, the memories that this concert created will be remembered fondly by all who attended and have certainly shown our children that with hard work and dedication there is so much that they can achieve.’

Ros Kettle (parent)

We enjoyed seeing all of those youngsters perform last night. Their love of music and enthusiasm is wonderful; I love to see that, and they are very naturally talented. I do hope that the event raised enough for everyone to go to Paris - it will be a wonderful experience

Thanks for telling me about the occasion we all enjoyed.’

Friend of a parent 

‘Thank you so very much for visiting us this morning and treating us to such an amazing live musical experience.  Our children loved this and we hope it has inspired some of them to work hard at their musical development with the aim of joining such a group in the future. Please convey our collective gratitude to all of your amazing pupils who were brilliant.  Well done to you for all your hard work in preparing and rehearsing.  Thank you once more. We would love to repeat this next year should you wish?’

Headteacher of Broxbourne JMI Primary School - (commenting on our Jazz Band mini tour concert)

Pupils at The Broxbourne School have access to a huge array of musical opportunities, from individual tuition lessons to performing in larger groups and on public platforms. Pupils enjoy lessons and the opportunity it gives them to work with their peers and teachers. They take a real pride in their work, which is evident from a range of perspectives. A great deal of preparation and effort goes into preparing students for public performances.

The sense of enthusiasm and achievement is also apparent in the department, both visually, through information and pictures shared on noticeboards displaying a variety of successes and through public performances where pupils take real pleasure in sharing their musical ability with others.

Helen Boxall (parent)