What's My Line - KS4 Induction Week

Posted on / May 26th 2022

Year 9 have enjoyed our take on the classic game show this week as they used their speaking and listening skills, thoughtful questioning and powers of deduction to guess a range of different job roles. 

We were fortunate to have over 20 external visitors join us for our annual event in which pupils teamed up to guess the professions of the visitors in front of them. We had an awe inspiring day meeting vets, gymnasts, quantity surveyors, pilots and priests to name but a few! 

Year 9 were engaged and enthusiastic and were able to have meaningful discussions about a whole host of different careers, what they involve on a daily basis and possible routes in. We were all certainly left feeling inspired. 

If you have a job you would love to shout about and inspire our pupils please contact the school via  We would love to hear from you.